Good log, wish they were all this colourful.

Camphor coffee tables. 2.5m long x 600mm x 40-50mm.

Tallowood is a great timber for outdoor use. These slabs are 3.6m long to 700-1m wide.

We're not sure about our September annual auction, as the Sydney wood show is planned for the same weekend, we'll just see what eventuates and may delay it for a period of time.

It's take away time at the moment and Mal has been busy taking away logs from tree loppers.

Photos shows 2 nice blackbutt logs that will be added to his stock.

Other photos show current blackbutt slabs already processed, one pack 5.5m long to 1.2m wide, the other 3 m long to 800mm wide.

The world may have stopped but we haven't.

New log stock.

One up to 1.3m wide will (hopefully) process into some nice table tops.

Boutique Timbers remains open for timber sales, both pick-up from the farm and delivery by Pegar Transport to one of their freight depots for collection.

Huon Pine Big Slabs

4 metres long to 600mm wide.

Flame Mackay Cedar tableĀ 

Artistry by Darren Oates

Mackay cedar slabs.

Crutch slabs to over 1m wide. Long slabs to 900mm wide x over 3m long.